Thursday, 20 November 2008

Oh Warlord!

Warlord have just released news of their next big plastic range for next year ... English Civil War ... oh dear. They look fabulous too. Then I watched a spiffing drama on C4 last night set during the civil war ... "The Devil's Whore". Lots of action both on and off the field ... more oh dear!

ECW has always intrigued me, both from a historical and wargaming perspective, but never quite enough to get me buying rules or miniatures. I've heard that a lot of gamers think Warhammer ECW is less than ideal, so perhaps Rick Priestley's 1644 might prove more suitable. I don't know really.

Of course, all this is getting rather ahead of myself isn't it? I've already got a very full wargaming agenda. So much so, in fact, that I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll probably never get around to gaming WW1. I have just 4 painted and 12 unpainted figures, no suitable scenery and - er - no opponents. The investment in funds, figures, scenery and time just make it a non-starter. Also, I have a veritable mountain of ancients figures to get painted - that will keep me painting for ages. Not to mention the eagerly awaited arrival of Victrix's placky Naps ... ! Don't mention Warlord's forthcoming "Blackpowder" rules either - or I'll burst!!!

Yet ... I still can't quite dismiss the idea that one day I'll start collecting ECW. Perhaps I should get around to joining the Mid-Somerset Wargaming Club and see what they like. Maybe that would give me a better sense of direction? Or maybe I'd just end up being more distracted.

One thing I'm determined to do (now that I'm a 'proper' historical wargamer) is to avoid the mistake I made when first getting in Warhammer Fantasy back in the 80's. That is, collecting a unit or two of one army, then a unit or two of another, and thus ending up with a rather motley collection of mostly unpainted figures that were rather less than an army. Don't laugh! Battles back in those days often had more scenic items on the table than painted figures.

So my motto has become ... Must Stay Focused!

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