Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wargaming in 2009?

Ok ... the Big Push has stumbled a bit in the last few days but this has mainly been due to the fact that our local library finally got hold of the BBC's Spooks series 6. We missed this series as we were living in NZ when it was screened in the UK. Library rules only allow you to hire DVDs for a week, so 10 episodes in 7 nights ... no problem ... and next to no painting either. To be fair the shows were absolutely excellent, top notch entertainment, so the lack of painting is no problem for me. Can't wait for series 7, which is due to be screened in Oct/Nov. Brilliant!!!

Anyway, from looking at other blogs it seems the vogue now to consider what's on the wargaming agenda for 2009, even though it's only mid-October, so here's my current thoughts...

Aim to get a 1,500pt army completed as soon as possible. If Wargames Factory bring out their EIR range, and if they are good, then the target may become 2000pts.

A 1,000pt starter army would be fine. A mix of Warlord and Wargames Factory models, with a few BTD thrown in for good measure. Also, I’ll probably dip these figures since I just want a reasonable looking army to play smaller games of WAB with.

The Great War
I’m really hooked on these rules even though I’ve never played a game. The figures are brilliant, either from Great War Miniatures or Renegade. The history is truly fascinating too, and quite moving at times. The wealth of information available about World War One makes the history quite accessible. Additionally, we’re planning a visit to the Somme later this month so that’s bound to boost my enthusiasm further. This conflict absolutely changed the face of warfare. It brought about a truly staggering amount of technological innovation, along with strategic and tactical progress. It's definitely not just about the trenches of the Western Front. Well worth reading about.

I’ve been interested in Naps since the mid 90’s and even purchased a army deal (from Foundry – ouch!), only to sell it a year later because nothing had been painted. My friend Jimbo is a very keen Naps enthusiast too. So we’re both quite interested in the forthcoming Victrix range which would make big battalion games quite affordable. The real bug bear here is the painting … both Jimbo and I struggle with Napoleonic figures so our ‘new’ plan is to try out dipping. We realize that the individual figure quality will not be great but it’s the only way we’ll get 100’s of very similarly uniformed troops on the table before we reach retirement. Hopefully the dipping process will give the troops a good ‘campaign’ look rather than a bunch of parade ground dandies.

Naturally, all these games, figures, etc will inspire me to produce more scenery. The EIR and Celts will require Roman style buildings and fortifications, along with thatched roundhouse farmsteads, etc. The Great War will need quite a bit of specialist scenery which I’m really looking forward to building. As for the Napoleonics, I will no doubt require a few more Peninsular style buildings. Add to all this things like scenic movement trays, counters for things like ‘stubborn’, etc. I know that many companies make good scenery but the cost (and my limited budget) mean that I'll have to make most things from scratch using cheap materials.

Should keep me busy eh?


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