Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Alas, days 5 and 6 of the campaign (Sunday and Monday) have seen very little progress. The reasons are many and varied and if listed will probably look like a list of excuses. To be fair Mondays are not a good day for painting toys due to other more important committments.

Day 7 has started with dreadful weather but that's hardly dampened the morale of the men. Plan for tonight is to get the EIR tunics done and tidy the edges with a bit of black. I try to paint as neatly as possible but inevitably I have to do some tidying. I think it makes quite a difference and helps to properly delineate the areas of the model. I'm having second thoughts about trying to paint 8 models at once. I normally only work on 4 at a time.

My new PC will not prove to be a distraction for a while as the first one is going back to Mr Dell as the case is cracked. A new one will be delivered in about 2 weeks - plenty of time to get the latest batch of figures complete. Their customer service has been excellent so far.


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