Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Opening Round

The Big Push has got off to a good start. At 7:30pm on Oct 1st the Royal Artillery ceased fire, trench ladders were readied and the whistle was blown. Our brave hero scrambled over the top and immediately engaged ... a small group of Romans and a Celt.

Had a good session last night. I'm working on 7 Early Imperial Romans (EIR) and a Celt. The EIR will finish off my first cohort of 15 figures, whilst the Celt will become the second pack master leading a group of warhounds. The armour is complete, the caligae (sandals) painted and the base coat of the skin colour is finished.

No pics though as indoor lighting is not suited to miniature photography. If the weather if fine at the weekend (forecast is heavy rain) then I'll try to take a few pics.

Just need to sustain the momentum now!

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