Friday, 17 October 2008

Day 17

Well, it might be "day 17" but there's been a good bit of progress. Finished 7 EIR and a Celt last night! When I say finished they still need basing, plus shields, but the painting is done. The shield transfers are on their way from LBMS.

The other good thing is that I really seem to have got back in to painting models again. I've really enjoyed this recent batch of figures and am quite pleased with the results. Once the shields and bases are done that will give me about 800pts of EIR and Auxiliaries. I really must try to get some pictures posted!

Not sure what I'll paint next ... might get a few BEF done, but then again I'm quite keen to push on to complete 1,000pts of EIR.

Happy Painting.

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