Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Big Push

It's been quite a while since my last post and the reason is that it's been ages since I did anything interesting in terms of gaming. Moving house, new job, etc does rather get in the way of gaming!

However, my brushes have been idle too long! I have decided to start October with "The Big Push" to get some models painted. Why call it the big push? Well, we have a 3 day visit to the Somme planned for the end of the month so somehow the name seemed appropriate. This doesn't mean I'll be painting some of my very modest collection of WW1 models. Instead, I plan to make some good progress with my EIR and Celts. I only need to complete a handful of figures (mainly Legion) to get 500pts ready and only a few more Legionaries and Celts to have nearer 1,000pts completed.

I aim to report progress here every few days. Wish me luck!




Simeon Pilgrim said...

Good luck Matt - Sim

Matt said...

Cheers buddy!

Hope all is going well at Trimble and that you had a good time in the US! Things here a bit slow. The project I'm on is 1 month away from a big deadline so I'm odd-job man, doing static code reviews and the like ... yawn. Still I'm getting paid and in between I'm reading my new C++ Standard Library Ref manual.

Simeon Pilgrim said...

Oh Std lib ref, you know how to talk you work up. ;-P

Yeah the trip was educational, and I've recovered from all the jet lag.

Linda even got a tacky present, just like she asked for!

Matt said...

Don't laugh, the Std Lib ref book is the most interesting thing on my desk!

Looking forward to seeing your US 'junket' pics on the blog.