Monday, 21 July 2008

Painted EIR ... almost

Just like buses isn't it? You wait for weeks the two posts come along one after the other!

Apologies once again for the lack of recent posting. Real world activities like job hunting, finding a house, living with the in laws, etc, have rather got in the way of gaming and painting. Still, things slowly seem to be working out ... I hope.

Anyway, here's my latest efforts with some Early Imperial Roman legionaries, figures from Black Tree Design. Given that I've not painted much recently and that any painting takes place in an air of polite disapproval (from the mother-in-law, bless her), I don't think they're too bad.

Nearly Painted EIR
(click for a larger image)

Typically they have yet to pick up their shields from the quartermaster. ;-) I really must get some done.

Starting from a GW Black undercoat the paint scheme is as follows.
Armour - GW Chainmail, GW Black Ink wash, GW Chainmail highlight, GW Mithril Silver on the edges.
Flesh - Foundry Flesh Shade/Mid/Light
Tunic - Foundry Madder Red Shade/Mid/Light
The tunics caused me some angst as I felt the red I had used for Auxilia was a bit too red for the Legion. Initially I used only Madder Red but found this a little too flat (see figure on the left) so I tried adding yet another highlight with Foundry Bright Red Mid. Yes, a four colour scheme, madness I know!
Sandals - GW Vermin Brown, GW Brown Ink wash, GW Vermin Brown
Leather Straps - mostly Foundry Deep Brown Leather Shade/Mid/Light
Pila shaft - Foundry Spearshaft Shade with highlights in Spearshaft Light (thanks to GuitarHeroAndy for that tip)
Bronze - GW Tin Bitz, GW Shining Gold - not ideal but fine for small areas.

Happy Gaming!


Tim Eagling said...

Nice toys old bean!

Tried to get hold of you to send you a congratulatory thingy for your 10th anniversary. Got bounced back, thought I could track you down through toy soldiers:)

Matt said...

Hello old bean!

Surprised to see your comment, apologies for the delay as I rarely check comments. Anyway, will drop you a line via the SOTG website. Likely to be out of email contact for 2-3 weeks due to moving house.