Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Yet More Romans Arrive

At last my latest order from BTD has arrived! I expect that they've been snowed under with orders as a result of their splendid "35% off" sale - which is still going on.

New figures are another unit of 18 legionnaires, 9 Aux Cavalry and 2 Scorpios. I'm particularly pleased with the cavalry. The casting is crisp, the figures correctly proportioned, etc. Really looking forward to getting my army painted. I do need to get hold of some Foundry metal spears. Scrounged a few off Darren for my first figures, better see if I can get official approval for a purchase ... ? Then of course there's the shield transfers that I'll need from LBM. In order to avoid the need for another Litko order for wooden bases I'll be mounting my skirmishers on 1" circular GW LotR bases. The little extra real estate of the round bases will give me a chance to add some scenic features to make them look rather more "skirmishy"

Haven't done much painting recently as there's been so much other "real world stuff" going on in my life. Ho hum. Really need to get back to it if I'm to have a 1,500pt army painted by the middle of the year. Depends on a lot of other factors really.

Can't wait for Wargames Factory to release pictures of the plastic Celts range they're planning. It's due to include cavalry and chariots as well as hordes of hairy infantry, hurrah! I've been reading quite a bit about Celts recently. The typical image of crude hairy barbarians is, at best, rather misleading. The Celts developed a sophisticated calendar centuries before we adopted the Gregorian calendar we have now. They were masters of metal work both for arms and armour and for works of art too. Well worth finding out a little more about.

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