Thursday, 27 March 2008

More Surgery ... Less Painting

One problem with all this NZ sunshine is that it's not always good for you.

I had an area of sun damage in my right eye and the eye specialist finally decided it should be removed for analysis.

Crumbs is my eye sore now! Feels about the size of an orange and like it's full of grit, very sore indeed. Having eye surgery really is rather 'orrible. I'm sure you're probably thinking I'm a big girls' blouse - and may be you're right! Having an injection in your eye ball - yuk! Needed two stitches and as he tightened the thread you feel it pulling your eye around - extra yuk! All whilst having to keep your eye focused on a fixed spot.
It was at a private clinic so all very swish I must say. After surgery I returned to the main waiting area wearing a pirate eye-patch complete with skull & crossbones, as I thought it would amuse my kids. But they were waiting outside ... how to feel like a total twit!? Glad it's done now.

Here's a pic - the swelling means it's hard to see the stitiches.

My eye
(click for larger picture - if you really want to!)

Anyway, it's meant a delay in painting recently.

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Simeon Pilgrim said...

Yuck! it's not bad enough having to look at your beady red eye at work, but now I get to start my weekend with a close-up. Nice.