Friday, 18 January 2008

The Romans are Advancing!

The Romans are coming along quite nicely now with the second unit of Auxiliary infantry nearing completion - apart from needing to order some shield transfers from LBM. I now have the rest of the figures (thanks to Grandma for bringing them from the UK) for my basic 1,000pt starter army. The army list should look something like this

18 Legionaries CSM
15 Auxiliaries LSM
15 Auxiliaries LSM
12 Auxiliary Archers
1 Ballista
10 Mountain Tribesmen LSM
9 Barbarian Skirmishers
2 x 1 Packmaster with 5 Warhounds

Fairly light in terms of Legionaries at this stage but having done a certain amount of research into the subject I see that the Roman army that conquered Britannia used a lot Auxiliaries for the more routine patrolling and (Roman) law enforcement, backed up by a smaller contingents of regular Legionaries to ensure proper discipline was maintained. That's how I understand things at the moment anyway!

The army I'm building reflects this, with only a single unit of Legionaries. The plan is to expand the force to around 1,500pts later this year with the addition of another unit of Legionaries and a unit of Auxiliary cavalry. After that I may add a third unit of Legionaries and reduce the proportion of Auxiliaries in the force, but that can wait.

I really seem to have got in to a good routine for painting and feel quite confident that I can achieve my aim of having this army complete by the end of April. It's likely that the next 2-3 weeks will see less painting as we have family visitng from the UK, however I'll keep things ticking along.

All this painting confidence has naturally led me to start thinking about what I'd like to do next. I'm pleased to say that WAB seems to be (slowly) gaining interest at the club. A couple of guys at the club have AoA armies so that might be a good idea. I'm quite inspired by guitarheroandy and his beautiful Welsh army ( see 2007 posts). Those GB and WW figures look very good indeed. However, I'm also quite inspired to build a Saxon or Viking or Norman army from the Shieldwall supplement. Then of course there's El Cid .... Gah!?

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