Monday, 17 December 2007

WFB - 30th November 2007

One sunny Sunday morning I trolled along to the Christchurch Wargames Club at Woolston to play Ray and his Chaos Dwarf horde. The game was a 2,000pt Pitched Battle and for some reason I was feeling quite confident. Possibly as a result of my WAB game against Darren's Saxons?

I was really looking forward to the game. Ray's a nice guy and in spite of being here for more than 2 years it was my first game against him. It was also my first game against Chaos Dwarfs since the mid 90's. I'd seen Ray's army on previous visits to the club and it looks great! A nice mix of old GW and other manufacturers, nicely painted and with some fantastic conversions.

Anyway, you might notice it's taken a while to get around to posting about this game ... possibly because my trusty Bretonnians got a complete and utter drubbing!

I won't go in to too much detail about what happened but suffice to say that my cavalry attack was completely stalled by the Earth Shaker cannon parked on Ray's left flank. His solid infantry arrayed around it to ensure that no enemy could get near it. So, with most of my cavalry moving no faster than most infantry, my attack became disorganised, some pursuits left my units in very awkward positions, etc, etc. Very few Chaos Dwarfs fell to my lances or bows and by the end of six turns they had scored a massive victory.

Whilst it was a bit embarrassing, the game was a good laugh and provided me with much to think about. Primarily, that I should try not to play like a complete wally!

Lessons learned were:

- Take some flyers such as Pegasus Knights. They would probably have tackled his artillery on turn 2 or 3.
- Don't bother with too many bowmen (Str 3 longbow) against a Toughness 4 army with lots of armour.

- Don't bunch up the cavalry attack if facing an Earth Shaker, spread potential targets across the battle front.

- Use my light cavalry more effectively to stop similar enemy units distracting the heavy cavalry.
- Ensure the main assault on enemy lines is done in a concerted fashion.

Must ... try ... harder!

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