Wednesday, 19 December 2007

WFB - 16th December 2007 - Bretonnians vs Orcs

Another Sunday morning and off to Christchurch Wargaming Club for a game against Mike's Orc & Goblin horde. Now the last time I played against Mike's greenskins (ages ago now) it was a total disaster for the Bretonnians. Mike had first turn and his bolt throwers tore in to two units of knights who both fled off the table taking my General, BSB, wizard with them - about 900+ points in total. So things were decided by the end of turn 3.

Determined that I would be victorious this time (or at least do rather better) I had the following list.

Lord + Level 1 Damsel + 7 Knights of the Realm
Paladin + Level 1 Damsel + 7 Knights Errant
Paladin + 8 Questing Knights
3 Pegasus Knights
10 Bowmen
10 Bowmen
5 Mounted Yeomen
5 Mounted Yeomen

Not too much in the way of magic items as I tend to forget to use them.

Mike fielded (approx)

5 x 25 Orcs incl Warboss, BSB and a Goblin Shaman
4 x 20 Night Goblins incl 2 fanatics
1 large Squig Herd
2 Stone Throwers

No black orcs, boar riders or trolls was a surprise. By the way ... Mike's army is largely made up of wonderful old GW figures from the Kev Adams 80's and early 90's. Some of my favourite old figures!

The game began well for the Orcs & Goblins. Fairly few animosity problems and the stone throwers (apart from the very first turn) did extremely well, punishing my knights as they were held up by fanatics. By the end of turn 3 I was feeling quite demoralised. Every dice roll seemed to go against me and Mike just couldn't put a foot wrong. Being a decent sort of chap he seemed a bit embarrassed about it all.

Determined to give the Orcs a bloody nose before they slaughtered what remained of my army I soldiered on. The next three turns were absolutely crazy with the game swinging back and forth in favour of one army then the other with amazing rapidity. It became quite stressful actually!

In the end I scored a victory but I must admit that it was nothing to do with tactical skill. It was all due to crazy dice rolls on both sides of the table. Still ... I suppose we all have these odd sort of games occasionally.

A good point from this game was that I actually managed to use my Pegasus Knights correctly. They began by taking out the stone throwers in turn 3, then helped out with combats later on. Still made a hash of my light cavalry and dithered too long with my heavy cavalry in the face of goblin fanatics.

What a crazy game!

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Good luck with your battle against the greenskins. I like your site, let me know if you'd like to swap links with mine.

Happy Holidays.
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