Thursday, 20 December 2007

Random Rambling

It's been a while since I did any significant painting as I've been fairly preoccupied with re-furbishing our somewhat dilapidated bathroom. However, that's complete enough to be useable (only the tiling and some sealing to go) and the holiday season is almost upon us so I'm trying to find the time to get painting once again.

Exactly how much painting I'll get done, given that our Christmas schedule is looking rather busy, I do not know. I suppose I should just keep my paints and figures handy and try to grab the odd half hour whenever I can. I reckon that painting whilst partying with friends might be considered rude ... particularly if it's at their house ;-)

I'm looking at finishing off the last few Romans for the first unit of my Early Imperial Roman army, a unit of 12 Auxilary Archers. Fairly easy to paint so good for getting back in to practice. After that I'll continue with the Bretonnian Questing Knights that I started ages back. Need to get that unit finished in time for the Warclouds over Woolston doubles event in early February. Thinking of entering alongside my good lady wife as she has a (fully painted) Dwarf army. I think the armies would make a good combo ... solid infantry, good artillery, extra dispel dice allied with some of the best cavalry available in the Warhammer World. The event requires each player to provide 1,200pts of troops so in effect it's a 2.4k game. The points limit per army means that there'll be no 'Lord' level characters so hopefully rather less 'herohammer' and more 'warhammer'.

Bought some more Foundry paints yesterday! Couldn't resist after seeing the email flyer showing many packs reduced to just a fiver. That puts it on a price par with GW paint which only comes in 12ml pots instead of 20ml, plus GW paint generally isn't as good. To save a few sheckles on postage it's being sent to Grandma as she's due to visit in January. She's also bringing out the rest of my Black Tree Design Romans and Celts. Should have almost 1,000pts of troops by then.

What with starting to plan our visit to the UK and France (Normandy) next year I've found myself drawn once again in to researching a bit more about WWII. Of course this has meant that I've been thinking about how I'd possibly like to play WWII wargames ... oh dear more figures for the lead mountain! Luckily my wife applied several sharp blows to the side of my head and I quickly saw (her) sense ... ? It would have to be 28mm scale skirmish as I don't enjoy painting any other scales. Tried Flames of War (15mm) last year but those tiny figures "did my head in". Also, no-one round here plays 28mm WWII, I have no proper rules so must either buy them or write my own, nor do I have much scenery suitable for WWII other than trees, hills and woods. So apart from no figures, no opponents, no rules and no specific scenery ... hmmm.

Really I need to stick to finishing off my WFB Bretonnians and then getting on with my WAB Romans ... so that's the plan!

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