Saturday, 23 June 2007

GW - "Old players are NOT welcome"

I'm always happy to help out making the hobby a better place for everyone ... so I just tried the GW THQ survey link from the UK email newsletter. The survey intro advised that it would take about 20 mins.

1st question was Male/Female?
2nd question was Age?

I typed my real age (mid 30's) then the survey said thanks for your input and closed. Tried again with '18' and got asked a raft of questions.

This is a pretty clear signal to me from GW. Older players are NOT welcome. If they had any sense, they'd filter the results afterwards so as not to offend.

Additionally, the surveys after question 1 if you enter Female. Ages 34 and less appear to work fine. I guess I'm just too old.

Right - now where are those Napoleonic (i.e. 'proper' wargaming) figures?

Matt :(

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