Wednesday, 2 May 2007

WFB - 19th April – Dwarfs vs Lizardmen

My Dwarf army lined up against Garth’s Lizardmen for an evening game at Christchurch Cavaliers ( The game was 2,250pts per side, played on a very scenic 6’x4’ table.

20 Hammerers incl Lord
24 Longbeards incl Thane with BSB
24 Warriors incl Runesmith
24 Troll Slayers
10 Thunderers
10 Thunderers
Organ Gun
2 Bolt Throwers incl 1 Engineer

Slann + ~20 Temple Guard
2 x 20 Saurus incl Heroes
3 Kroxigor
Mounted hero
15 Skinks incl Hero

As usual I deployed my large blocks of infantry in close support with the artillery, an organ gun and a pair of bolt throwers, on the flanks. The Lizardmen deployed centrally, with the skinks one a flank.

For much of the game the Dwarfs held their ground whilst the Lizard advanced under a hail of reasonably effective handgun and artillery fire. The Skinks took out much of the artillery and a unit of Thunderers. The Slann’s potent magic did not have a big effect on the game – giving the Dwarfs a significant advantage when the battle lines finally clashed. The Kroxigor mashed the Runesmith but the unit of Warriors eventually drove the reptilian giants away. The tough Dwarf infantry proved their worth and eventually won the day. An interesting and good natured game.

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