Friday, 18 May 2007

WFB – 17th May – Dwarfs vs Orcs & Goblins

At last Mike and I got around to having a game at Cavaliers. My Dwarfs squared off against Mike’s Orc Horde in a 2,500pts a side Pitched Battle.

With both armies fully painted it was a real spectacle – if only I’d thought to bring my camera. The table had hills in both deployment zones with wood at the edge (Mike wanted plenty of room for his horde) and a single wood in the middle of the table (I had to put it there just to disrupt the Orc lines!). So the Orcs had plenty of room for manoeuvre. The Dwarfs formed a solid line of steel towards their left flank around the large hill on which were deployed the Thunderers and Organ Gun. The Orcs used almost the full width of the 6 x 4 foot table.

Lord + 24 Hammerers
Thane (BSB) + 24 Longbeards
Thane + 19 Longbeards
Runesmith + 24 Warriors
25 Slayers
10 Thunderers
1 Organ Gun

Orc Warlord + 24 Big Uns
Black Orc Big Boss + 24 Black Orcs
Orc Big Boss + 11 Boar Boyz (These looked particularly great!)
4 River Trolls
2 or 3 Mobs of approx 25 Orcs
2 x 10 Orc Archers
1 Bolt Thrower

The Orcs won the roll for choosing sides and also got the first turn. They surged forwards almost as one – just one unit failed it’s Animosity roll. That unit then went on to fail their Animosity test for the first 5 turns!

With no wizards and few missile troops the battle was going to be settled the old fashioned way – by going toe to toe with Dwarf crafted axe and rough-hewn Orcish blade. The game turns rolled by quickly and on turn 3 the armies were locked in combat across the table. The Trolls (helpfully) went ‘stupid’ at a critical moment allowing the Dwarfs the rare pleasure of charging. During the next two turns the staying power of the Dwarfs (Toughness 4, good armour, Leadership 9, etc) really turned the tide of the battle. The Orc horde was held up all across the line and eventually thrown back in disarray. The valiant Dwarf Warriors on my left flank were finally beaten and run down by the Boar Boyz. But by then the rest of the horde were either slain (including the Warboss and Battle standard) or running for the hills.

A really great, friendly game (spoiled only slightly by one exceedingly annoying spectator) against a good opponent. Both armies well painted and nice looking terrain. Brilliant! A win too – which is always a bonus. I’m looking forward to a rematch.

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