Monday, 14 January 2019

Dave's Matilda

Good chum Dave has been busy with his brushes recently and asked me to blog about the latest addition to his North African British force... A smashing Matilda tank.

The distinctive camo scheme is known as "Caunter".

Dave's recipe is as follows - the colours are Portland Stone, Silver Grey and Slate
  • Undercoat with Humbrol Dark brown Spray (which isn't very dark)
  • Basecoat of GW Tallarn Sand
  • GW Administratum Grey for the Silver Grey
  • GW Fang for the Slate
  • GW Brown Wash to pick out the detail
  • Drybrush highlights for each of the base colours
  • Drybrush the GW Fang with GW Administratum Grey
  • Drybrush everything with GW Karak Stone
NB - Dave asked me to point out that he's used the Tamiya painting guide which some have suggested might not be entirely accurate.

Looking forward to getting this in the sights of my DAK gunners!

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Fortifications and Craters - Desert Style

Following on from the desert style barbed wire here's some more up-cycled terrain.  Again these items were originally made for Great War games ages ago...  And again I've decided they're more urgently required in North Africa so I've given them a makeover.

They're very simply made from blue styrofoam with balsa and coffee stirrer revetments.

Additionally, I've given a couple of classic Games Workshop 40K plastic craters a bit of 'desert love' ;o)

The basing recipe is the same as my figures: Americana Country Maple, then highlights of Americana Tan, VMC Dark Sand and Foundry Boneyard light.  Followed by a few clumps of dark green Woodland Scenics foliage and some arid looking tufts.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

More Toys!

It's always so exciting when the first boxes and blisters of your new army arrive!

Yes, Santa has been very kind here at the table!  There should be just enough figures for a 1942 British Armoured Brigade force consisting of
  • Three M3 Stuarts
  • Three Infantry sections
  • Medic
  • Artillery Observer
  • Medium Mortar
  • 6lb AT Gun
  • Sherman (not pictured) ... although I might swap this for a Grant?
I should also be able to build a Boys anti-tank rifle* team and a light mortar team, plus maybe a sniper* team too so as to give me a little more variety in the troops available.  Transports to follow. 
Depending upon how some eBay trading goes in the next little while I may add a Humber MkII armoured car.
*not actually an option in the armoured list, but fun to build & paint!

But it's not all British armour.  Jerry is getting in on the fun too.

Two more Panzer III's roll in to give me the option of fielding a 1941/42 Panzer Division force.  This means I'll have enough for two DAK forces, one Light Division (primarily infantry & supports) and a Medium Panzer Division.

Have fun with your toys!

Monday, 24 December 2018

While shepherds...

... watched their flocks by night?  Technically I suppose they're goat-herds but, hey I couldn't resist a little festive themed post for our North African project.

Again, it's all about making the table top look a little more lived-in.  Although I'm sure they'll make a run for it as soon as the shooting starts!

The goat-herds are Arab civilian figures from Perry miniatures.

The goats are from Warbases.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, 20 December 2018

DAK Vehicles Roll In

Yes, I've finally slopped some paint on a couple of vehicles for my DAK! ("About time" - says George!).  Anyway, here they are...

Decals still to go (awaiting Microsol) but I think they look okay.  The painting "recipe" was as follows:-
  • Undercoat with AP Desert Yellow spray
  • Base coat in Foundry Boneyard Shade
  • Tyres and tracks in black then a quick highlight with a dark grey
  • Wash with GW Agrax Earthshade
  • Highlight with Foundry Boneyard Shade/Mid/Light
  • Pick out details such as the machine guns with black, brown, etc.

I think the highlighting with the Foundry Boneyard light went a bit crazy with the 251, but hey after  few months in the scorching desert it's bound to look a bit weathered?

I love this little tank!  Packing a light auto-cannon and a co-axial MMG it epitomises early desert warfare.

Inspired by chum Orange Dave, I've based them on some Charlie Foxtrot MDF bases.  Still plenty to add ... so lots more to follow.  Thanks for looking.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Barbed Wire - Desert Style

I found some barbed Wire sections in an old scenery box!  They were originally made for playing World War One games (WH's The Great War & Dave's Zero Hour) but I reckoned they were more urgently required in the North African desert... So I've "up-cycled" them.

They're made from some off-cuts of MDF sheet into which I've drilled holes and glued short pieces of cocktail stick.  Some general purpose filler gives the ground an uneven appearance.  Next, they were covered in stones, sand, grit, etc then painted to match the bases of my figures.

The barbed wire is available from a variety of games companies.  Wind it around a large paintbrush handle then spray it black.  Give it a few quick highlights of metal colours (silver and bronze).  A little dab of super glue glue attaches the wire to the posts.  You can also add in all sorts of debris like discarded weapons and helmets, bits of rusty vehicle, etc.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Desert Terrain - Wadi

Good chum Orange Dave has made a wadi for our Western Desert campaign and he's asked me to blog about it for him.

The sections are based on strips of MDF and he's used a mixture of stones, filler and grit, etc to build the edges.  He has also painted in a few patches of water and added some flock to represent the flora that would grow in the damp ground.  Simple, but really very effective I think!