Monday, 12 November 2018

Infantry Re-organisation!

Okay, so in my previous post I said the infantry was complete... Lol!  After checking the army selectors properly I see that my squads should be 8 men, not 10.  So that means I've been able to create an extra squad and a bit...

... then I noticed that I'd probably have enough for two platoons!  So I've decided to have one regular platoon and one veteran platoon, both of three squads.  The veteran platoon would also include an additional pioneer squad (with a flamethrower ;o)) in a truck.  I've also used a few extra figures to make a couple of MG34 teams, handy for keeping Tommy's head down.  A second platoon means a second mortar option so I've built a light mortar team.  So... plenty more still to paint :o)

Friday, 9 November 2018

DAK Veterans Part Two

Here's the second of my veteran DAK squads.  Like the previous squad, it's ten men, including one MG34 and a few extra MP40s.

I have three eight man squads of regulars but in order to benefit from the "at full strength" rule I needed to bring them up to ten men.  So here's another half dozen chaps.

That's the infantry complete now.  Three squads of ten regulars for the core of the platoon and two squads of ten veterans to support them, along with the CO, the Forward Observer team, the Sniper team and an AT Gun team.  Next, it's more support weapons then it's on to the vehicles.  These are (currently) two Opel Blitz trucks, a Panzer II and a Sdkfz 251.  I'd like to add a late model Panzer III for a bit more firepower!

Saturday, 3 November 2018

North Africa Scenery

A few key pieces of "evocative" scenery really help to set the tone of a battlefield, so whilst looking at almost endless documentaries about the desert war I spotted a couple of clips with what appeared to be ancient ruins in the background.

This seemed an ideal little scenery project and I was delighted to have spotted these very reasonably priced resin pieces on the trade stand of The Square at Bovington earlier this year.

Here are the basic models.

The bases are just pieces of thin plywood I had left over from some packs of trees I bought from 4Ground.  I've given everything a light spray of AP Desert Yellow just to prime the surface for painting.

Here I've based them with the usual stones/grit/sand mix and applied my desert theme of basing colours - Americana Country Maple, Americana Tan, VMC Dark Sand and Foundry Boneyard.

The columns were initially painted with a solid base coat of Americana Honey Brown.  Using this as a base colour should give me a subtle difference in colours/finish between the ruins and the base, yet still have them work together.  Two coats gives nice, even coverage.

Next is a heavy highlight of VMC Tan Yellow.  Again this colour isn't part of the basing scheme.  Be sure to leave plenty of base coat showing in all of the cracks and recesses.

Next, highlight with VMC Dark Sand.  Here you can see the pillars starting to blend in slightly with the base colours which was my intention.

Finally apply a light highlight of Foundry Boneyard as this ties the colour of the columns to the dusty look of the ground.  The photo doesn't really show how much the ruins differ from the base, but hopefully you get the idea!

Then add some clump foliage, tufts and few flowers.

Not bad for a fiver and few hours of painting & modelling!

Friday, 26 October 2018

DAK Veterans Part One

Now that I have some reasonable desert scenery I can make my "photo shoots" look a little more authentic!  Here's another squad ready to throw Monty's men out of North Africa.

That's ten veterans to beef up my basic platoon (or should I say "Zug") of regulars.  I've a second squad well under way too.

I've included just the one MG34 (that will please Dave and Mike) but I have given them a few extra MP40s.  I'm intending to use them as a kind of "fire brigade" ... screaming across the desert in their Opel Blitz trucks to bring maximum firepower right in to the Allied lines!  Well, that's the theory anyhow! :-D

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Desert Battlefield and some extra bits

Every battlefield needs a bit of interesting scatter terrain so, inspired by George's (of Musings on Wargames and Life fame) recent work, I've made some signs for the desert.  Couldn't resist jazzing up the bases with some items from the bits box.  Need to get some written in German too!

But it's no use having terrain if I ain't got a battlefield to put it on is it?...  So I had a rummage in the garage and turned up a pot of sandy coloured textured masonry paint (used to paint a shed years back!).  I decided to paint one side of my pair of 3 foot by 4 foot boards.

The result is fairly good I think, especially as it effectively cost almost nothing!  I also have some cheap tester pots of lighter sandy cream colours that I'll use to sponge on some highlights later.

What's a desert without a few dunes eh?  These are a set of very reasonably priced vac-formed moulded plastic 'hills' from Kallistra.  A couple of coats of the masonry paint is a good start.

Here are the dunes on the battlefield - both highlighted now - plus the dunes have had some clump foliage and arid grass tufts added.
"vere iz zee bipod?" - STFU Hans!

Right ... back to painting more DAK :o)

Friday, 19 October 2018

DAK Observer and Sniper Teams

In between troops for the squads I've slopped a bit of paint on to these chaps -- a Forward Observer team and a Sniper team.

Need to find where I put the fine guitar string so that I can add an aerial.  The 'rocks' for the sniper are simply bits of blue styrofoam with some filler for texture.

All painted and based using the same recipes as described for my earlier DAK.

Friday, 12 October 2018

DAK MG34 Teams

The new Bolt Action Western Desert book has a splendid additional squad selection for the DAK, i.e. Schutzen, and these fine fellows get an option for a second MG34 plus the first one is a freebie.  Orange Dave was delighted when he read this so naturally I've decided to add a bit more firepower to my squads and (now I've had a chance to skim through the book) have a bit of a re-organisation at the same time.  Here they are!

All painted and based using the same recipes as described for my earlier DAK.  I'm looking to field 3 squads of schutzen with 2 LMGs each.  In attack or defence, the extra punch of the second LMG will be very handy!

I really do need to sort out a nicer photo shoot scene! :-D

I've a few more veterans on the go plus I may top up my regular squads to full strength (i.e. 10 men) then I can move on to supports such as the 81mm mortar and perhaps a light howitzer, then it'll be the vehicles: trucks and AFVs.  So it's all coming along quite nicely.