Friday, 7 August 2020

Movement Trays for Romans

Quick post to show my recent efforts for Infamy movement trays for my Early Imperial Romans.

I’ve also made a few extra skirmish style trays in case the Auxiliaries decide to break formation.

Paints used were a solid base of Americana Honey Brown followed by highlights of VMC Tan Yellow and VMC Dark Sand.  The stones were picked out with a little Foundry Boneyard light.  Then add some grass, tufts, etc.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Weatabix’s Farm

Here is Weatabix and his family on their farm in South West Britannia just waiting to welcome their new Roman masters...

The cattle pen and the chicken coop were shown in an earlier post.  The new dwellings are the two round houses, from Hovels, painted in the same style.  The wattle enclosure was made in the same fashion as the cattle pen.

Closer pics

Dramatis personae, Weatabix and his delightful missus Chlamydix with family.  Foundry figures.

Every farm needs a few hostile “attack” geese. Warbases figures.

Wolves for ambush points.  Again, Warbases.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Scenery for Gaul

These buildings are Hovels and Gripping Beast and have been painted in the same style as the thatched hut I did some time ago.

NB: the roof of the larger building was base coated in VMC Leather Brown, and the smaller was given an extra highlight of Foundry Boneyard light, so as to give a bit of variety.

Settlements need crops, animal enclosures, livestock, etc too.  The piece on the right was originally made for Saga but has been re-purposed.  The fences at the rear are Renedra.  The enclosure in front was made by weaving garden wire around cocktail sticks then given a couple of coats of PVA.

This is my test piece for a marsh.  I used much darker earth colours than the other pieces as I wanted to give the ground a more boggy appearance.  The water areas were simply washed with a drab green.

These hills are from Kallistra and I’ve just jazzed them up a bit with extra grass and some clump foliage.

That should be enough to get playing Infamy Infamy!  I plan to add a couple of thatched round houses for battles set in Britannia.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Maximus Lardicus!

No difficulty guessing what this is all about eh?  Yes, the Lardies are about to launch Infamy! Infamy! so I’ve dusted off my Early Imperial Romans.
Are you ready for war?

I’ve quite a few suitable figures from my Warhammer Ancient Battles and War & Conquest days, so it’s nice to be in the position of having a fully painted force ready to go, with a lot of extras ready too.
The man himself, Maximus Lardicus, leads from the front

The figures are all Black Tree Designs with LBMS shield transfers.  I’ll order up some sabot bases from Charlie Foxtrot.

I found these ‘tokens’ which I think might be suitable as some sort of deployment point?

Even better... whilst sorting these out I stumbled upon a box of Ancient Germans so that’s some allies (or enemies?) sorted.  Anyway, I’ve ordered up one of the bundles and look forward to getting the PDF on Monday 29th June.  Currently on the painting table are some lovely resin pieces of scenery that I’ve had in the bits box for years, plus some old Dark Ages pieces are getting re-purposed for an earlier age.  If you want to find out more then have a look on YouTube for a series of Lard TV videos where Lardy Rich discusses some example forces, plus there’s also a series of three “movies” 😂 that run through a basic battle between Rome and fierce German tribesmen!

Thursday, 18 June 2020

French Garage

This Warbases kit is perfect for a little French Garage.

I wasn’t too thorough about taking step by step pics but here’s a few work in progress shots.  The roof is tiled using strips of textured card supplied with the kit and makes for a great effect.

The front and back long walls were textured using masonry paint.

This wall was textured with fine ballast.

The brick wall was painted a dark red/brown then washed with Agrax to help pick out the brickwork.

These are the colours used for the tiling effect on the roof.

The doors and window frames, etc were painted using the Foundry Forest Green triad.
The bricks were picked out using the base colour along with a variety of dark browns through to warmer reds.

Next, I added a few suitable printed signs.

The building is free-standing but to better set it in context I made a base tile.  The cobbles are textured wallpaper.  The WC is from Charlie Foxtrot.

Finally I made some little piles of junk from oil barrels, crates, fuel cans, etc.  I have another fuel pump (somewhere) along with the garage owner (a set from 1st Corps) plus a couple of old motor vehicles so I'll add them at some point.

Friday, 29 May 2020


My Sharp Practice models have been on the shelf for a little while as I’ve been heavily into WW2, primarily our North African games.  But the other day I just fancied painting something that wasn’t green/grey or sand coloured.  My Anglo-Portuguese army is coming along well so I thought I’d try painting a few of my French figures from Front Rank.

Getting these ready would be handy as I have friends who want to play regular Peninsular games, others who like the Russian theatre and yet others who have suggested a campaign with British naval forces (indeed one splendid fellow has written a whole campaign booklet!).  So getting these on the table would give me plenty of options for glorious victory ... or a “deferred victory situation” as sometimes happens 🤣

I wanted this force to have a slightly weather beaten, on campaign sort of look so I thought I’d try my base coat, wash and highlight technique.  Most of the figures are wearing greatcoats as again I like the overall look.  I’ve started with four figures simply to see if I like the results.

I’ll do a more detailed recipe with the next batch (whenever that will be!) but broadly, the paints were:
Greatcoat - Foundry Midnight Blue, Bay Brown, Rich Butternut, Slate Grey.
Trousers - same as the greatcoat just mix the combinations.
Pack - Foundry Spearshaft or Rawhide
Musket - Foundry Musket Stock Brown
Straps - Foundry Austrian Grey followed by white
Wash with Agrax and highlight with the base colours followed by another highlight of the next lighter colour in the triad.

Now to think up some suitably daft names for my Officers and NCOs

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Chicken Coop and Haystack

Painted these for my good friend, Colin at Charlie Foxtrot Models.  The first item is actually a raised grain store but adding some planks (coffee stirrers) to the front makes it an ideal cosy home for some chickens.  Colin keeps chickens and I've done my best to paint the models to look like his own livestock, including Colin's big black cock 😳 ... which he calls “Bert” 🤣

Both items are from Hovels and were beautifully cast plus great fun to paint.  The thatch and walls were painted in the same manner as this thatched hut.  The dog and chickens are from Redoubt.

This is a covered haystack which I reckon is probably suitable for a wide range of historical eras and regions.

The other 'side' ... which (funnily enough) looks very similar

Thanks for looking :o)