Thursday, 24 December 2020

Mediterranean Scatter

Here's the scatter terrain items I've been working on recently.  Various manufacturers such as Hovels, Debris of War, Redoubt, 4Ground, Alternative Armies, Ainsty, etc.

I've also re-purposed some old bits of K&M hedge I've had since my Warhammer days.  Simply repainted the bases and gave them a slightly dusty look.

Last but not least, some broken wall sections and a couple of the Javis resin gates.

That'll do for the time-being 🤔 although I do have a couple more Charlie Foxtrot pantile kits ... 😉

Thursday, 17 December 2020

Pantile Farm from Charlie Foxtrot

Continuing with the Mediterranean theme, here's a little farm using mainly Charlie Foxtrot kits.  These are Pantile House 1 and Stables.

The smaller thatched building is from Hovels, as are the barrels and water trough.  The walls are Javis scenics dry stone walling.

The photos aren't the best I've done but the light recently has been a bit rubbish for photography!

Here's a couple of closer pics of the stables.  The wood is mostly painted as follows: brown or black spray undercoat, Americana Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Honey Brown.

Here's the farmhouse.

They're not quite as "white" as they appear here and were all painted as per the scheme for the recently posted Hermitage.

I had these walls knocking about in the scenic bits box so thought I'd give them a 'Mediterranean makeover'.  The capping stone on the post is painted in the same manner as the pantile roofs and I think this really helps tie them in with the buildings.

I’m currently working on some scatter items to help make the landscape look a bit more “lived in” then it’ll be back to more figures!

Happy gaming 😎 

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Pantile Hermitage from Charlie Foxtrot

More scenery for our various Mediterranean theatres - this time it's the lovely little pantile hermitage kit from Charlie Foxtrot plus the pantile walls, along with grave stones and columns from Debris of War (also available from CFM here)

All painted using the same recipe as the Church and Grain Store.

The bases were painted as follows: solid coat of Americana Honey Brown, dry brush with VMC Tan Yellow, VMC Dark Sand and a final highlight of Foundry Boneyard light.  Grass is Colonel Bill's Winter Grass.  Tufts from various companies.

Here's a closer pic of the breached low pantile wall section.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 3 December 2020

Re-purposing Old Scenery

Whilst rummaging through some boxes the other day I found a few pieces of scenery from ages back and I wondered if they could be revamped and brought back in to service... The pantile farmhouse and enclosure were scratch built probably around 15 years ago when I first dallied with Peninsular Napoleonics and were now looking rather tatty.  The other two bits were from the GW LotR range and again were looking a bit knocked about.  Anyway, my friend Orange Dave and I are keen to play some WW2 set in Crete (and Sicily or Italy) so these items would make ideal additions to our combined collection.

I originally painted these in various GW colours but after fixing the damaged bits they needed repainting, so were spruced up as per the recipe that I’ve used for my Infamy terrain plus the thatched hut, chicken coop, etc.  Please have a look at the How To tab above for more details.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Chicken Coop and Haystack

 A quick post to show some recently painted scenery.

Both items are from Hovels Ltd.  Painted and based as per the Thatched Hut.

Friday, 16 October 2020

Rebel Sharpshooters

Another group of skirmishers joins the cause!

Here’s the force so far. That’s approximately 53 points.

Next will be either more regular ‘line’ troops or maybe the militia 🤔 Probably the regulars as I’m saving the militia as a bit of a treat... they’ll have a few extra colours to make them look a bit less ‘army’ and slightly more ‘civilian’.

Friday, 9 October 2020

More Men in Grey

A small unit of the CSA's finest ready to take the field.

All painted as per my previous Rebels with the addition of an extra grey.  Some of the figures had the "post-wash" grey (AP Uniform Grey spray) highlighted using Foundry Slate Grey mid then light.  The difference is quite subtle (and isn't obvious in the pics) but seems worth doing.  For additional variety I painted a couple of the blanket rolls in red and green.  Future figures may include checks or stripes (steady!).

Next up is another unit of skirmishers.

Current thinking for an 1861-2 Starter Force is:-

Level III
3 Groups of Confederate Infantry with Rifled Muskets

Level II
2 Groups of Confederate Militia

Level I
1 Group of Confederate Skirmishers

Level I
1 Group of Confederate Skirmishers

For a total of 73 points